We offer safe transportation for medical appointments or hospital and family outings.

Transportation fees:

  • All transportation for internally prescribed medical appointments is free of charge.
  • All transportation for outings or trips that are not by medical prescription is paid by the resident or their representative directly to the transport carrier.
  • Fees are determined by the transport company according to the destination and the services required (wheelchair or oxygen tank etc…).
  • If you wish to reserve transportation for an outing, please contact our reception desk providing ample notice ( 24 to 48 hours in advance if possible ).


Counseling or accompanying service:

If it is impossible for the family to accompany the resident to a medical appointment, we have qualified staff who could accompany them. The fee is $15/hour for the companion service. In some cases, if it is possible; a volunteer may accompany the resident.

Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours:
Our doors are always open!

Recommended Visiting Hours:

10am to 8pm

Administrative hours:
Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed
Phone: (514) 620-9850


Visitor parking is provided free of charge in our parking lot on the side of the building.

Parking spots in the front are reserved for handicap permits, taxis and emergency vehicles.