Thank you, Annabel.

You and the staff, keep up the good work! The absence of COVID-19 at WIM includes a bit of luck but is mainly a testament to diligent precautionary measures, discipline and professionalism. Well done, everyone!
- Ray -

Thank you once more Mariam for your continual efforts to keep your residents (our loved ones) safe and COVID free.
- Monique Renaud, M.S.S / MSW -

Many thanks for all your great work in keeping the manoir covide free when so many horrible stories have surfaced concerning elderly residences .
- Lisa -

Thank you for your email and for confirming that the supplies I requested below will be so quickly delivered to my Mom! I'm grateful that the WIM has enabled me to remain in touch with her via FaceTime. My brother, John, and I are also relieved - and commend you and the entire nursing staff - for keeping the residents healthy and free of the coronavirus.
- Linda -

Many thanks for keeping my brother, John Hawke, and I informed about the West Island Manor and Covid-19. We are so relieved that there are no cases of the coronavirus at the residence.

I am also pleased that Zara and other staffers have taken the time and trouble to connect my mother and I via FaceTime! It is difficult to reach her by phone because she is often out of her room, which is a good thing, so I am delighted to speak with her and see her face. She looks well and happy.
- Ms. Hawke -

Thank you so much for your answer. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. I’m glad my Mom is doing well and I promise not to contact you too often.

Have a nice week-end, and best wishes to all the staff.
- Carole Lemay -

I just want to say a sincere Thank You to all of the staff for the extraordinary care to all of the residents during this difficult time. For keeping them safe and supporting them.

Thank you, very blessed and thankful knowing my mom is well taken care of.
- Donna Peever -

Janet Alexander's family thanks you very much for the update. We do appreciate the news from WIM.

I hope you are proud of the governments high rating. You should be.

Stay safe and keep up the high standards

Kind regards to all the staff
- Peter -

Well Done and THANK YOU VERY MUCH, congratulations to all of the staff at West Island Manor
- Iona -

Thank you, dear Mariam, for your reassuring email. The situation in Dorval is frightening and so sad, as it is with so many other nursing homes.

You and your colleagues are wonderful.

With prayers, for you, your colleagues and your families,
- Peter -

Thank you, thank you Mariam. Bravo! Your hard work is being recognized.

Please pass on my message of deep gratitude to everyone at the WIM: the cleaning lady, the handyman, the kitchen and the laundry staff, the PABs, the recreation therapist, the nurses and the management team. Your concerted efforts certainly contribute in providing a good and safe environment to our loved ones. I feel very reassured to receive weekly reports from you - and to know that John is well cared for. BTW the Easter card you sent us was very well thought; I sent it to several friends and family members. It was so appreciated. Thank you for this. Every little gesture helps.

Please stay healthy and do take care of yourself.
- Monique -

Thanks a million !

Meilleures salutations, Best regards
- Joe Bassal -

As always, Mariam, the job that you and the staff are doing is tremendous and greatly appreciated. These updates and the Facetime calls are great.

Thank you.
- Kevin Ratcliff -

Great news, thank you so much for the updates, much appreciated Mariam.

Take care of yourself and your teams.
- Sylvia Puodziunas -

Thanks again to you and the entire staff at the Manor during this difficult time. The emails, and the FaceTimes have been great.
- Ira -

My husband and I would like to thank you very much for this lovely email. It is so nice of you to send this to us. We greatly appreciate it and wish you and all the staff a Happy Easter . Please pass on our love and good wishes to our mother and mother-in-law (Mary Hockaloski). Thank you for all your hard work and dedication during this very difficult time. It is comforting to know that you are taking such good care of our loved ones.

Thank you again.
- John Bilovus and Yolanda Romanetti-Bilovus -

Very thoughtful of you to send a photo greeting on behalf of my mother. We live near Rochester, NY and normally, we're in Montreal for Easter weekend but unfortunately not this year. Thanks again and enjoy your holiday weekend.

Thank you again.
- Ray Bezenar -

Thank you VERY much for the extra effort that you are all doing to take care of our beloved, keeping us in touch with them. Happy Easter to all, may God give healthy happy years to you and yours.

Thank you again.
- Vatche Bechakjian -

Thank you so much!

All the best to all of you working so hard to keep the residents safe

It means so much to us

Let me know when we can deliver sweets for everyone staff residents and managers

Happy Easter stay safe
- Voula Georgiopoulous -

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