Residents committee

As required by the act of health and social services (article 209) CHSLD West Island Manor has proceeded to set up a residents’ committee.

The mandate of the Residents’ Committee is to defend, protect and ensure respect for residents’ rights. Its five functions are to inform residents of their rights and obligations, to promote and assess the quality of the residents’ living conditions, defend residents’ common rights and interests, accompany and assist individual residents as well as ensure the proper operation of in-patient committees. The Residents’ Committee also serves as a means of social interaction as part of the recreation program.

Resident committee pamphlet

The users committee is composed of:

  • Residents
  • Family members
  • Volunteers
  • Recreation agent
  • A member of CIUSSS Ouest de l’Ouest de l’Ile de Montréal


Milieu de vie & Risk Management Committee

All responsibilities are carried out at the West Island Manor by the General Manager, in consultation with members of the ‘Milieu de vie & Risk Management Committee’.

According to the same article, the composition of the committee shall ensure a balanced representation of employees of the institution, users, people who exercise their profession in a center operated by the institution as well as, if appropriate, who, under a contract for services, provide for the establishment of services to users of the latter. The Executive Director or his nominee is an ex officio member of this committee.

The risk management committee is composed of:

  • Director-General: Stephen Karakas
  • Assistant director: Sylvia Koutnouyan
  • Director of the Environment: Alina Zielinska
  • Quality Manager: Mariam Makary
  • The head nurse: Anabelle Llamado
    Director of recreation


Quality Assurance Committee

This Committee will assume the monitoring efforts focused specifically on the quality of the services offered to achieve and maintain the best quality.


  • To present integrating vision and a common definition of quality assurance and its components.
  • Align the use of different mechanisms of evaluation and assessment of quality.
  • Identify methods of implementation and monitoring standards.


The administration, general manager, and his team are committed to promoting the continuous improvement of the quality of care and services offered to customers. To do this, this establishment puts in place a program of continuous improvement of the quality assurance in accordance with Act 113 and ensures its update.

Vigilance and Quality Committee:

The Vigilance and Quality Committee is composed of:

  • Senior Management counsellor: Heather Karakas
  • General Director:  Stephan Karakas 
  • Director: Sylvia Koutnouyan              
  • Director of the Environment: Alina Zielinska 
  • Quality Director: Mariam Makary                  
  • Head nurse: Annabel Llamado                       
  • Responsible of recreation                          
  • Family Member
  • Member of CIUSSS Ouest de l’Ouest de l’Ile de Montréal