Code Of Ethics

The West Island Manor’s mission is to welcome people with reduced autonomy by providing a safe environment and friendly care and support to all daily life activities. The Manor strives to maintain the operational autonomy of its residents. Our code of ethics is based on six principles. Their application guides each of our attitudes, our actions and our policies and those of our employees.


Our Principles

  • We believe that everyone living in our institution is entitled to personal respect and dignity and respect for their autonomy and integrity regardless of his physical or mental condition, racial background, religion, or sex. Staff should address residents with respect, courtesy, kindness, and gentleness at all times.
  • We believe that our residents are entitled to their privacy and confidentiality in all areas of their life and within their relationships with other residents. Staff must share great discretion with respect to residents’ condition and privacy.
  • We believe that residents are entitled to their peace both physically and psychologically.
  • We believe that residents are entitled to be informed about everything that concerns them and they have the right to express their opinions at any time, always respecting their surroundings.
  • We believe that residents have the right to live in a clean and safe environment.
  • We believe that residents should have the proper mechanisms allowing them to assert their right and submit their complaints if they deem necessary.

Donation, bequest and solicitation

No one within this establishment (employees and management) is permitted to accept gifts or favours from the residents. Every member of our personnel provides care and assistance and tips and donations are therefore not required. However, if you wish to show your gratitude, you may leave a small gift addressed to the entire staff and management will make sure it’s distributed fairly. This instruction complies with sections of the Act respecting health and social services. The staff can make no solicitation from residents.

The responsibility of the resident

The resident behaves at all times in compliance with human rights, property of others, the usual rules of civility and politeness. He respects the rules of life of the residence. Our code of ethics promotes respect for the resident and employees alike.